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Georgia High School Association (GHSA) is a voluntary organization composed of over 465 public and private high schools. It strives to promote good sportsmanship and a cooperative spirit among its member schools. 


  • Page 17 of GHSA Constitution and BY-LAWS 2023-2024: 1.50 - SCHOLASTIC STANDING / SCHOLARSHIP
  • SECTION 1.51
    • To be eligible to participate, practice, and/or try out in interscholastic activities, a student must be academically eligible. A student is required to pass classes that carry at least 2.5 Units counting toward graduation the semester immediately preceding participation.  Exception: First semester ninth-grade students.
      • (a) Passing in all GHSA member schools is a grade of seventy (70).
      • (b) Students participating in junior varsity or “B” team competition must meet all scholastic requirements.
      • (c) If an eligible student transfers from a school that uses a block-schedule format to a school using a traditional format (or vice versa) and that student cannot get a full schedule of classes with equivalent credit in the semester of the transfer, the school may petition the Executive Director for a waiver of this rule for the first semester after the transfer occurs.
      • (d) For schools offering courses with yearlong grading, eligibility must be computed for each semester.
      • (1) At the end of the first semester, the school must determine that the student has a grade of 70% or higher in classes carrying at least 2.5 Units.
      • (2) The second semester grade will be the grade given for the entire course and shall include the end-of-course test grade.
      • (3) Remediation programs designed to bring the student’s first semester grade up to 70% or higher may be used (in accordance with GHSA guidelines) if the school allows such programs for all students.
  • SECTION 1.52
    • Students gain or lose eligibility on the first day of the subsequent semester. The first day of the Fall semester shall be interpreted as the first date of practice for the first sport.
      • (a) Exception: Students who successfully complete summer school to maintain eligibility become eligible the last day of summer school.
        • (1) Summer school is an extension of the previous semester and courses may be:
          • a. remedial in nature where a previously-taken course is repeated in its entirety with a new grade being given.
          • b. enrichment in nature where a new course is taken that results in new credit being earned.
        • (2) A maximum of two (2) unit credits earned in summer school may be counted for eligibility purposes. NOTE: Additional credits may be earned in credit recovery programs or make-up programs after the start of the new semester.
        • (3) Summer school credits earned in non-accredited home study programs or non-accredited private schools may not be used to gain eligibility. Accreditation recognized under the rule shall be from the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC) or a regional accreditation agency (such as SACS) or the Georgia Private School Accreditation Council (GAPSAC).
        • (4) An independent study course taken in summer school must be regionally accredited and accepted by the school system for graduation credit.
      • (b) Courses completed after the beginning of a new semester may not be used to gain eligibility for that semester. Example: night school classes, correspondence courses, etc.
      • (c) Independent study courses taken during the school year must meet the criteria of 1.52 (a) 4.

    GHSA CONSTIUTION and BY-LAWS 2023-2024


    The Dekalb County School District (DCSD) is a member of GHSA and abides by its govenenace.  Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the  Dekalb County School Districts Department of Athletics Student Athlete Handbook 2023-2024 revised policies surrounding "RULES OF ELIGIBILITY"(page 8) & "NO PASS / NO PLAY" (page 9).


    • "NO PASS / NO PLAY" applies and includes grading periods IN ADDITION TO the end of semester/final grade
      • Grading Period #1 - 4.5  week avg.
      • Grading Period #2 - 9 week avg.
      • Grading Period #3 - 13.5 week avg.
      • Grading Period #4 - 18 week avg.
    • Failing Grade =  Anything Below 70%

    Department of Athletics Student Athlete Handbook 2023-2024