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August 9, 2023


Hey there, check out this cool scene: on Wednesday, August 9th, the folks over at Ascend Medical, based in Buckhead, decided to switch things up and bring the doctor's office vibes straight to Tucker High School. It was like a mini medical takeover!

So, picture this: not one, but two teams of medical wizards were on deck to give certified Sports Physicals to 30 of Tucker High School's awesome student athletes. And where did it all go down? None other than the multi-purpose room.

These preparticipation physical exams, or "Sports Physicals," as they like to call them, are the golden ticket to playing in any of those DCSD organized sports. No exams, no action on the field – simple as that.
Chansity Allen, the bigwig Practice Manager at Ascend Medical, was all smiles, saying they were totally stoked to make this happen right at Tucker High School. Oh, and they're not just stopping there. They're teaming up with the Maroon & Gold Sports Club, and they've got big plans with Karl Lane, the Athletic Trainer at THS. They're gonna roll out some cool classes to teach students, parents, and even community heroes all about CPR, handling Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), and all those essential life-saving skills.
And here's the kicker: Ascend Medical's not leaving the spotlight just yet. They're keeping the buzz alive with MORE on-site sports physicals coming your way real soon. So keep your eyes peeled!